Questions and Answers

Can I pay a lump sum amount off my agreement?

That depends on the type of finance contract you have with Audi Finance. Please click on Partial Payments for more information.

How do I make a partial payment?

If you wish to reduce the balance of your credit Agreement (i.e. you make a partial payment) you must contact Audi Finance and inform them if you want to reduce the monthly repayments or shorten the remaining term. Once the payment is made the finance Agreement will be re-calculated. Any partial payment made is in addition to your agreed repayment amounts and does not mean that you can pay less the following month(s), or increase your agreed repayment amounts.

How many times can I make a partial payment during the finance Agreement?

You can make as many additional partial payments of any amount you wish, as long as Audi Finance has been notified verbally or in writing. Without this notification, no payment will be processed. A partial payment must be cleared funds before it can be applied to your agreement.