Hire Purchase About your agreement

Hire Purchase allows you to pay for your Audi over a set period of time, which can keep your budgeting simple.

How Hire Purchase works

After paying an initial deposit, you make monthly payments towards the remaining balance which are divided equally over the term of the loan.



  • You set how long you want to make repayments over (which can be up to 60 months), agree a monthly payment to suit your budget, and paid your initial deposit (typically 10%)
  • The remaining finance is equally divided over the term of the agreement and fixed
  • After the last payment has been made (including the option-to-purchase fee) you will then own your Audi



You are in control of your agreement when you create it at your Audi Centre, and your monthly payments can be reduced by selecting a longer term to make repayments over, or by increasing your initial deposit.


At the end of your agreement

You have two options at the end of our hire purchase agreements:


  • Pay the option-to-purchase fee and keep your Audi
  • Part exchange your Audi for a new one

If you are interested in part exchanging your Audi, contact your Audi Centre to discuss your options.

More information about Hire Purchase agreements: