Audi Service Plan About your agreement

Audi Service Plans let you pay upfront to cover your services over a set number of years or miles. Not only are they competitive, they also provide the reassurance that your car will be cared for by Audi experts.


Useful information


Make sure that you know when your services are due and ensure that they are booked in on time at your supporting Audi Centre.

You have an agreed mileage on your contract, so it’s important you keep it in mind, as if this is exceeded your plan will expire.


Your service plan can add to the value of your Audi. So if you wish to sell your car, we’ll be happy to transfer the plan to the new owner. Simply supply us with their name, address and a contact number.

Options at the end


At the end of your plan there may be the opportunity to take advantage of one of our other service plans. Just visit your Audi Centre who can give you more information.

More Information